Learn the Strategic Planning Secrets of Fortune 500 Companies
Why Are Strategic Planning Failure Rates So High?
  • After compiling 20 years of research, countless hours of writing and revising, and testing our findings in the field, ”Strategic Planning: Why It Fails and How To Fix It" has arrived! 
  • This 8 Volume Compilation Guide dives into some broad and some more specific struggles in the strategic planning process and is backed by research conducted over 20 years of auditing, teaching and helping management teams at Fortune 500 companies overcome strategy misconceptions that are still very prevelant in business today. 
  • The Guide flows chronologically through the steps we take when helping companies conduct their strategic planning and has never been available to the public before now. 
  • The 8 Volumes are oultined below: 
  • Volume 1: What Is Strategy? 
  • Volume 2: Sailing Without a Compass, Risks from Lacking a Strategic Plan 
  • Volume 3: Strategic Planning Failures (and how to avoid them) 
  • Volume 4: How to do Strategic Planning, a Primer for SMS Business 
  • Volume 5: How to Develop a SAGA, the Lost Art of Leadership 
  • Volume 6: Styles of Implementation 
  • Volume 7: Strategic Retreat Planning Kit 
  • Volume 7.2 BONUS SECTION: “Strategic Planner” Selection Guide 
  • It’s time to implement strategy into your strategic planning efforts. This guide is meant to take you step by step on exactly how to do that. 
  • Are you ready to change your company’s Strategic Planning culture?
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